Shady Glade Resort

Uncertain of where you want to go this weekend for a family getaway?  Why not follow your intuition and go to Uncertain, Texas.  It is located in northeast Harrison County right next to Caddo Lake.  The small township, with a population of 94, is where you go to get away and truly unwind and relax … Read more

Queen St. Grille

As temperatures warm and we crawl out of our isolation, it time to get out and explore our beautiful state. Spring is a magical time in East Texas and there is no better time for a road trip. Soon the azaleas, dogwoods and wildflowers will be in full bloom across our Texas Forest Trail region. … Read more

JT2 Restaurant

When trekking through Smith County and looking for something more than a chain restaurant, try JT2 Gourmet Burgers & Ranch Market in Lindale, Texas. It’s a local family owned restaurant that is the extension of the J&J Ranch. Owner Jayson Taylor controls the supply chain of beef, so you are getting true “Farm to Table” … Read more

Ginocchio Restaurant

On most day trips, restaurants are a waypoint or stopover, but some can be a destination. The Ginocchio Restaurant is definitely a destination. It is an opportunity to explore a unique dining experience that will satisfy all of the senses. The food will delight your palette, while the restored building will transport you back into … Read more

Fugler’s Grocery Market & Deli

Home Of The Bubba Burger When trekking across northeastern Harrison County, an ‘off the beaten path’ dining experience can be found at Fugler’s Grocery Market and Deli. Don’t let the outside appearance distract you. The full parking lot is an indication that something special awaits you inside. This is the place that locals and savvy … Read more