Shady Glade Resort

Uncertain of where you want to go this weekend for a family getaway?  Why not follow your intuition and go to Uncertain, Texas.  It is located in northeast Harrison County right next to Caddo Lake.  The small township, with a population of 94, is where you go to get away and truly unwind and relax from the hustle of life.  Life in Uncertain revolves around Caddo Lake.  The lake has been described as one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in all of Texas.  The legendary Caddo Guide Billy Carter described the lake as “a big magnet.  Everybody that comes here comes back.”  Why not make a day trip or a multi day getaway to explore Uncertain and Caddo Lake?    

No one seems to know how the town actually got its name but there are hundreds of theories.  A prominent theory goes back to when Texas was an independent Republic.  The borderline between the State of Louisiana and the Republic of Texas goes through the Caddo Lake.  Surveying through the dense bayou was difficult and often inaccurate.  People living in the area were often “uncertain” if they were Americans or Texans.  Another theory goes back to when Jefferson was a major port in Texas.  Unclaimed freight from Jefferson was sent back to the previous river port – “uncertain” as to whom it belonged.  However Uncertain got its name, it is a great area to visit and explore.  The area is a lure for fishermen, boaters, photographers, kayakers and bird watchers.

When visiting Uncertain and Caddo Lake, the Shady Glade Resort should be on your visit list.  The resort is owned by David and Sara Smith and they continue to develop and upgrade the property.  The resort has been a destination on Caddo Lake since 1926 and hosts a boat launch, marina, fishing pier, cabins and a café.  Day trippers can launch their boat, kayaks or canoes from the boat launch.  You can also book a Caddo Lake fishing trip or boat tours with experienced guides that will depart from the marina.  Beginner anglers can enjoy a casual fishing experience off of the pier.  The pier is also a great place to sit, relax and watch Spanish moss sway in the breeze.

Being a Caddo Lake photographer, I regularly launch my kayak from Shady Glade Resort for easy access to the scenic “Cathedral” and “Government Ditch” areas of the lake.  I also use the tour boat captains for guided tour of the lake, especially when I have guests in town and I am looking for a unique experience for them.  One of the best reasons I like Shady Glade is to stop in to the Café for an amazing breakfast after a sunrise paddle.  They have the full assortment of breakfast fare, from the basic of eggs, waffles, and pancakes to unique plates like “Cajun Hashbrowns” and “Grilled Trash”.  The “Breakfast Taco” was delicious but more food than one person should eat at a meal.

If you are a late riser or have an afternoon outing, the Café is a great option for lunch.  The Chicken Fried Steak is their signature dish and you can get the full meal or as a sandwich.  Many locals come exclusively for the Chicken Fried Steak.  They are also known for their Catfish Fillets with fries, coleslaw and hush puppies.  Burgers, Patty Melts, BLTs and other sandwiches are also available.

If you elect to make your trip longer, Shady Glade has various overnight accommodations from small cabins to tiny houses to manufactured homes.  Guests have free access to canoes, cooking grills, and a children’s playground.  The resort is close to other area attractions: Caddo Lake State Park, Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge, historic Jefferson and Marshall.  Uncertain also has a flea market that is open the first and third weekend of each month.  Make you next road trip up to Uncertain and see why so many people keep returning to this unique area.