ETX Podcast

It’s All Good In The Piney Woods

In the scheme of things, East Texas may seem relatively small. However, the 35+ counties that make up the Piney Woods are spread out a considerable distance. Join us as we pull back the pine curtain and share experiences, create connections, offer insight, news and resources to bring East Texans together. It’s all good in the piney woods!

Rich in history, ripe with resources and no shortage of things to do, East Texas is a hidden gem we are proud to call home. Our hosts share a collective passion for exploring and fostering community growth. Particularly when it comes to creating a culture of supporting other women. Along with our guests, we offer an unfiltered view and dedicated space to discuss the unique challenges and successes facing business owners, community leaders and East Texans in general.

Season 3 – Coming Soon!

Season 2 Episodes

Hosts: Holli and Ciara
EP. 19

Social Media Etiquette

There’s a fine line between personal and business in the world of social media. Holli and Ciara talk about why social media etiquette matters. We will give you a background on the most popular platforms and the “do’s and don’ts” to avoid getting yourself or your business into a negative situation.t at non ante.

EP. 18

4th Of July

Holli and Ciara dig a little deeper into the festivities surrounding the 4th of July. This episode is good for the whole family. We share the history behind some of the most iconic items associated with Independence Day, like fireworks, food and where to enjoy the best celebrations in East Texas.

EP. 17

Intro To Destination Innovate

Holli and Ciara interview the dynamic business duo and best friends, Kristen and Jenn. These inspiring women business owners share their story and passion for small business and tourism. They were recently brought on by the City of Tyler to launch the Tyler Arts & Culture Collective. Join us as we discuss the challenges, rewards and tips pertaining to business, work-life balance, and the future of the growing arts community here in Tyler, TX.

EP. 16

National Small Business Week

For more than 50 years, the (Small Business Administration) has been celebrating the resiliency and tenacity of America’s entrepreneurs. Starting in May there are dozens of free, virtual classes and training events offered to small business owners in the U.S.

EP. 15

The Great Resignation

2021 saw over 30 million Americans quit their jobs. Why is it happening? Will it continue? What does it mean for small businesses and employee retention? Holli and Ciara tackle this topic with real feedback for employers and ideas for better work life balance at your own job.

EP. 14

Instagram vs. Reality

In honor of International Women’s Day, Holli and Ciara share some research and advice on social media and mental health. In a recent poll, 6 out of 10 people globally said their lives would be better if social media didn’t exist. You can permanently disrupt your feed and avoid being stuck in a bubble of comparison. Listen to find out how.

EP. 13

Working With Your Partner

Holli and Ciara know a lot of small business owners in East Texas. One thing so many small businesses have in common is the fact that they are run by couples, siblings, moms and dads and best friends. While working with family or friends has a ton of pros, it also poses it’s own set of unique challenges. Join us on this episode as we explore these and talk about how they relate to our own businesses.

EP. 12

Show Your Business Love

Join us on this episode as we interview Micah Peacock. He’s the founder of Small Business C Suite, a boutique financial consulting firm. Micah is dedicated to helping small business owners in East Texas reach financial health. Micah shares 3 ways to show your business some love in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

EP. 11

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is gaining more traction and this episode explores whether your business is a good candidate to take advantage of this trend. We give you questions to ask, what to expect of your influencer and what to avoid. On the flip we side we describe what makes a successful influencer and how to break into the niche market and become an influencer yourself.

EP. 10

May Your Negatives Be A Covid Test

Here we go again, another New Year’s wrap up with Holli and Ciara. On this episode the pros and cons of resolutions vs. goal setting are discussed. A 2021 recap is given and some laughs to go along with it. Find out if Holli and Ciara kept last year’s resolutions and what their predictions are for 2022. We talk business, family, and new adventures in East Texas.

EP. 9

Everyone Deserves A Break

Taking time off when you are a business owner can feel impossible. Holli and Ciara know this first hand but give you some tips and resources to make it happen. Remember, your business and your personal life will be better when you are rested and refreshed.

EP. 8

The Gift of Shopping Small

There are so many reasons to shop small this year. Holli and Ciara share some of their favorite small businesses in East Texas as well as great ideas for “gift experiences”. Shopping small makes a positive economic impact in your city and creates a sense of community. 2 big things we are all about here!

EP. 7

Life After MLM

In the previous episode Holli and Ciara explored Multi-level Marketing. They paid special attention to the fact that most MLM companies target women as their main recruits. In this episode Holli and Ciara uncover options for people who want the flexibility of a MLM schedule without all the pitfalls. Listen in as they offer alternative means to work from home plus some helpful marketing tips on the side.

EP. 6

MLM: Get Rich or Get Out

Multilevel marketing isn’t new, the concept has been around for years. The recent release of “Lula Rich”, the docuseries focused on the famous brand’s questionable business practices has brought renewed attention to MLM. One thing most multilevel marketing companies have in common is their recruitment of women. Join Holli and Ciara as they deep dive into what MLM is, the pitfalls to avoid and who is really successful.

EP. 5

No Tricks, All Treats

Join Holli and Ciara for our first Halloween special episode. We share the best places in East Texas for ghost tours, spooky experiences and historical haunts. Find out about the science behind being scared and why some people love it and some people hate it. Any guesses on which camp we fall into?

EP. 4

So Fresh & So Clean

In this episode Holli and Ciara interview young entrepreneur, Rhett – the high school student running Car Wash by Cain in Whitehouse, TX. Listen in as we discuss the challenges and benefits of running a small local business with Rhett and his marketing consultant, Michelle of Merch by Miche. Inspiring and impactful, this episode reminds us of what the upcoming generation is capable of and offers continued ways to get involved and support our local communities.

EP. 3

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Nancy Rangel

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, Holli and Ciara interview Nancy Rangel, the President/CEO of the Tyler Hispanic Business Alliance. Nancy wears many hats in her role supporting Hispanic business owners in the East Texas area. She enlightened us with some surprising statistics that positively affect everyone in our community as well as candidly talking through stereotypes and misconceptions she’s been faced with. Listen for resources, tips and guidance in getting your business off the ground.

EP. 2

Our Favorite Time Of Year

Pumpkin spice or caramel apple? Fall into cooler weather with us as we share some of our favorite activities around East Texas this season. We highlight traditions like the Tyler Rose Festival, and we share some new destinations to get excited about. The days might be getting shorter but there’s no shortage of things to do in the piney woods!

EP. 1

“Meat” the Cut Beef Team

Grass fed and pasture raised are no longer unusual terms used to describe raising beef cattle. What that means to Cut Beef owners; J. Scott and Jeff were revealed to us in this interview. Holli and Ciara learned a lot in this episode, and we think you will too. Why choose natural beef? What makes it different and better for you? What about taste and price? We discuss all this and much more in this mouth-watering episode.

Season 1 Episodes

Hosts: Holli and Ciara
EP. 26

Anniversary Episode

Holli and Ciara celebrate 1 year of podcasting by recapping their favorite episodes. Listen for highlights on some of our most popular topics we covered last year. From being a tourist in your own backyard and travel tips with kids to clearing mental clutter and marketing help – we covered a lot. We are grateful to our growing audience and look forward to more interviews, reviews of local businesses and continuing to share marketing and business insider info with you.

EP. 25

Time For A Rebrand

Rebranding is exciting and a little nerve wracking. Big corporations do it and so can you! Today Ciara & Holli discuss why you should consider rebranding your business. Technology changes so fast, and it’s easy to get left behind. Let us help you stay on top of the latest trends and give your business the boost you’re needing.

EP. 24

Invest In Yourself

On this episode Holli and Ciara explain what it means to invest in yourself. Taking the time to learn a new skill, develop better relationships and improve your overall well-being will always be rewarding. So why is it so hard justifying spending time on yourself? Listen in as Holli and Ciara give you the “how and why” it’s so valuable and beneficial. Plus some helpful tips that have worked for us both personally and professionally.

EP. 23

Traveling With Kids Made Easy

On this episode Holli and Ciara share their tried and true tricks for keeping kids and parents happy on their summer adventures. From what to bring in the car to family friendly places to visit in East Texas this episode will leave you ready to explore.

EP. 22

You Say It’s Your Birthday…

Holli and Ciara are twinning this month, celebrating birthdays just a few days apart. Join the Gemini’s while they talk about how birthday traditions got started from cakes to candles and how birthday’s are celebrated across the globe. They also dig into the Gemini zodiac sign and were both more than a little surprised at how accurately their personalities match up with pre-determined Gemini traits. Come celebrate with us!

EP. 21

Father’s Day

Holli and Ciara welcome special guests for this Father’s Day podcast. Listen in to learn about the interesting origin of how Father’s Day became a nationally recognized holiday. Along with some historical facts, Holli and Ciara talk to a couple of Dad’s about what Father’s Day means to them plus some ideas for Dad.

EP. 20

Backyard Tourist

One thing is for sure, after this year, everyone needs a vacation. However, money and vacation days are low, but here on ETXpodcast, we have the solution. Use your vacation days in East Texas this year! Support your local area, while having fun with your family and friends. Tourism dollars mean big business to your community. Get a few fun ideas from Ciara & Holli on how to keep those vacation dollars local this summer season.

EP. 19

The Pink Myth

The key to marketing to women might be as mysterious as women themselves. What gets the female consumer’s attention and how to create a loyal customer are a few questions businesses are constantly trying to figure out the answers to. Join Holli and Ciara as they tackle this tricky topic. They can tell you what works as well as what to avoid. Hint – the color pink is NOT synonymous to attracting the female buyer. The take-a-away? Just like in life, there is no one size fits all.

EP. 18

Mother’s Day

Don’t forget Mom! Mother’s Day is May 9th this year. Holli and Ciara share the history or “herstory” behind Mother’s Day in this episode. Packed full of interesting fast facts you can share with your Mom, they also highlight some perfect gifts available on Moms can be hard to buy for (just ask Holli) so they wanted to make shopping easier than ever this year.

EP. 17

Spring Has Sprung

Holli and Ciara are so happy Spring has finally reached East Texas. Join us on this episode as we interview Executive Director of Visit Nacogdoches, Ms. Sherry Chaney Morgan. We talk about the fate of the azaleas after “Snowvid” and touch on the multitude of all things Spring in both Nacogdoches and Tyler, TX. Both cities are well known for their exquisite flowers, notable downtown visitor’s centers and no shortage of activities to entertain and delight you. This episode serves new visitors to these historical cities as well as offering some lesser-known options for locals to discover.

EP. 16

Snowvid 2021

In this episode Holli and Ciara interview local business owner, Callynth Finney who worked with other local businesses and volunteers to raise money in order to feed, house and provide medical care to homeless people in Tyler, Texas during the brutal storm. Another group that made a huge impact was the East Texas Jeep Club. They banded together and used their vehicles to get healthcare workers and other essential workers safely to their jobs. They also delivered supplies and pulled cars out of ditches. Ray Mitchum joined the podcast to share more.

EP. 15

Treat Yo’ Pet

Whitney and Brenden join us on this episode to share the story behind Pineywoods Pets. This home-based pet bakery specializes in all natural, healthy baked dog treats. Both Whitney and Brenden have full-time jobs in addition to building their business. It’s a labor of love that they share with their fur family; 2 shepherds, 2 French bulldogs and a cat, all rescued. Rescue, foster and adoption are a passionate cause for them. Every time you buy from Pineywoods Pets, whether it’s a cute handmade bandana or a custom dog birthday cake your purchase makes a positive impact.

EP. 14

Going Viral

In this day and age, we have all heard the term, “going viral.” And no, we aren’t talking about the coronavirus kind of viral, we’re talking the Bernie Sanders’ mittens kind. But what does it mean to go viral? Can a business plan to go viral or is it completely random? Is it always good for a business to go viral? Whether you’re thinking of grumpy cat or more recently, GameStop, going viral is a cultural phenomenon. On this episode, Holli and Ciara discuss what it means to go viral and ways you can increase your chances of getting more engagement on your posts.

EP. 13

Pandemic Purchases

Not only did Holli and Ciara need some retail therapy to help deal with the pandemic, their lifestyle’s changed thanks to Covid. Before we were working from home fulltime, a robot vacuum and a stockpile of rice seemed like frivolous or silly purchases. Throw in a bulldog and a T-Rex skeleton and we figured a podcast could be dedicated to the fun, functional and weird pandemic purchases people have made in the last year. Listen in to see if we included your pandemic purchases or maybe we will give you some ideas for your next one.

EP. 12

85M Pounds of Chocolate

Holli and Ciara take on Valentine’s Day in this episode. Is it a holiday you love, or love to hate? We talk about the history of Valentine’s Day – did you know cupid, represented as a chubby baby was originally a handsome Greek immortal? Or that conversation hearts evolved from medical lozenges? We give some marketing ideas small businesses can incorporate for Valentine’s Day and share some highlights from the curated Valentine’s Day Gift Guide on

EP. 11

Clear The Mental Clutter

Mental clutter is anything that keeps you from thinking straight. A cluttered mind is disrupting and it hinders our productivity, balance and even our mental health. Mental and physical clutter are connected. In this episode Holli and Ciara help you find practical ways to unclutter your mental, physical and spiritual space. We share what works for us and invite you to start the year off feeling more organized and well-rested.

EP. 10

Pandemic Purchases

New Year’s resolutions – do you make them and break them? You aren’t the only one. Ring in the New Year with Holli and Ciara as we share our highs and lows of 2020 plus our own plans for 2021. We talk about the most commonly made and broken resolutions and how to keep yours. New Year’s resolutions not your thing? That’s OK, this episode talks about that too!

EP. 9

Holiday Hacks

Holli and Ciara share their “holiday hacks” to help save you time this Christmas. We know a lot of the work load falls on women around the holidays and Laura Vanderbilt of Haute Goat Creamery joins us on this episode. As small business owner, head cheese maker, Mom/Grandmother she gives us insight on how to make a standout cheese and charcuterie tray ahead of time. Listen in for some fun ideas for new traditions, quick gift ideas, fast and easy recipes and so much more!

EP. 8

Business Strategy with Alysia Cook

Holli and Ciara interview business strategist, Alysia Cook to offer one of the industry leader’s advice and insight. As a woman in a predominantly male profession, Alysia shares how she gained respect and leadership abilities which led her to start her own company, Opportunity Strategies. For over 27 years Alysia has offered her expertise helping both small and large scale businesses develop strategic economic plans and facilitate trainings. Her programs are designed to improve operations and relations within organizations, as well as prepare communities to attract and retain quality businesses. Alysia candidly shares her story and how a little business strategy can go a long way to make your business more successful.

EP. 7

Holiday Gift Guide was created so small, local businesses in Texas could reach an online audience without spending their hard-earned money to find customers. We are proud to work with artisans, craftsman and makers of all kinds. The quality and attention to detail makes the products listed in exceptional. Find something unique from food to home décor and apparel. Take the stress out of holiday shopping this year by supporting a small business and have your gifts delivered to your door.

EP. 6

6 Marketing Myths Busted

Join Holli and Ciara as they break down 6 of the most common marketing myths they run across. Don’t let one or more of these myths hold you back. We take each misconception and break it down to give you the real story. After this episode you can continue to grow your business and brand with confidence.

EP. 5

Building Your Business From The Ground Up

In this multi part segment Holli and Ciara interview female-founded business owners from a variety of backgrounds. Each person tells their story of how an idea evolved into an actual business. They share seasoned advice, inspiration and encouragement. Ciara and Holli offer pointers on marketing and building your brand while touching on potential pit falls and challenges unique to women. In this particular episode we talk with Meagan Lissner, co-owner and founder of Moss – a boutique flower shop specializing in fair trade flowers, located in the heart of Tyler, Texas.

EP. 4

Homeschool Here We Come

Search “Homeschool” on the internet and prepare to go down a rabbit hole that will likely lead to more questions rather than getting yours answered. Ciara felt overwhelmed 2 years ago when she started researching homeschool options for her daughter. Parents are understandably anxious about homeschooling but Holli and Ciara are going to help put your anxious minds at ease, give you some time saving tips, resources and a sense of community as you settle into this new role.

EP. 3

Fear Is Not The Boss of You

Holli and Ciara agreed to read the same book titled, “Fear Is Not The Boss Of You” by Jennifer Allwood. The author, like many of us was stuck in an office job that she dreaded but felt too “stuck” to do anything about it. The author shares her insight into what helped motivate her to get “unstuck” and delves into the fear we all hold onto when faced with new challenges. Hear each of our unique perspectives on this book and what we think our listeners will find most valuable. We share our own stories about being scared of change and what helped us take the leap into something more rewarding.

EP. 2

Laid Back Luxury

As much as we would love to jump on a plane and jet off to some exotic location for a vacation there are several obstacles standing in our way related to the pandemic. Health is number one for us but even if we decided to throw caution to the wind the pandemic’s fallout is felt on many levels. With job uncertainty, travel restrictions from various places, and the fear of getting stuck somewhere for an extended period of time traditional vacations are off the agenda for us. But, we are all looking for ways to escape our everyday lives and get some reprieve from screen time. We asked some friends to weigh in on some of the best options for a “staycation”.

EP. 1

Welcome & Introductions

Holli and Ciara dive into the vision behind ETX Podcast. The inspiration for building up the women in our community is very close to our hearts. Women face unique challenges in business, leadership positions and balancing our personal lives. We are juggling more roles now than ever before. There is no doubt we can all use the support of our collective sisterhood as we explore ways to lift one another up.