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Hello everyone, I just want to take the opportunity to introduce myself and give you a brief timeline of how I’ve managed to arrive into the world of photography. My name is Kenyan Guidry (mostly known as Ken) and I’m currently 28. I’ve called Texas home my entire life so the “Texan Pride” is deeply ingrained in me. Before photography, drawing was my passion and that passion steered me into pursuing Graphic Design as a major in 2010. Now here’s where things get interesting and my interest into photography peaked. In 2013 I found myself in the hospital after a car accident and that led to me eventually finding out that I had/have Cancer (Gist Cancer). Shortly after the diagnosis, I began my journey into the world of chemo therapies and clinical trials. Due to being mentally, physically and emotionally drained I decided to turn towards nature as an “escape” and that’s where my love for photography started. I started out with my phone’s camera and quickly worked my way up through DSLRs. Now I’m currently employed as Beaumont’s event photographer and I’m the wildlife photographer for Cattail Marsh. It’s been a terrific ride and I can’t wait to see what else the future has in store!